Frequently Asked Questions supports multiple certificate signing workflows most of which start by clicking on a template while logged into the Administrator UI and selecting either "Submit CSR", "Create Pre-Approved Request", or "Public Certificate Request". certificate signing
Here's a video that demonstrates issuance through a public certificate request
All validity dates and times are ultimately stored in certificates in UTC, so we set our servers to UTC to keep things simple. In order for us to show you the correct date, you'll need to login to the Administrator UI and update your profile with the correct time zone.
Right now is free, and we're grateful to everyone who uses it for helping us test and better understand your certificate needs. In the future, some features will only be available with a paid subscription to cover the cost of the infrastructure needed to host our services. Until then, we welcome donations to contribute to development efforts and maintenance for the site via PayPal or Patreon.

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